South County Hospital

Meet Our Donors

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, the ongoing development and expansion of medical and surgical services at South County Hospital is possible. We are so grateful for all those who support South County Hospital and who value the importance of good health. Below you'll find a list of community members who have donated. These are just a handful of many who have contributed financially to the Hospital.

Marco L. Marinelli and the Art of Philanthropy “Marco’s generosity will resonate in the life of every patient who receives care here."
Not all angels are in Heaven. Some of them are working at South County Hospital.

"I’ve been a patient of South County Hospital for almost fifty years now, ever since I first came to Rhode Island to teach at URI. I’ve had many a fish hook – an occupational hazard of my profession! -Captain Al Anderson

Seeding the future of cancer care at South County Hospital

“It all comes down to hospitals provide about 85 percent of all cancer care delivered in the United States." -Irwin Birnbaum 

South County Hospital has been there for our family in every season of life

"In the past two years, both of my parents have passed away at South County Hospital … surrounded by caregivers who felt like family." -Melissa Lavallee

South County Hospital shows each person why he or she is unique

“Since moving to Narragansett 5-1/2 years ago we have experienced the truly phenomenal aspects of South County Hospital as a community hospital that cares so very much about the needs of everyone coming through its doors."
-Mary and Rick Kenny

Wakefield Concert Band raises funds for STAR program

Find out how much the Band raised >

Exceptional care to all South County residents

“We have both been involved for many years with South County Hospital and had numerous medical opportunities to use its excellent services."  -Sue and Ken Kermes

State-of-the-art care with compassion

"There are many components to a vibrant community including a strong hospital, such as SCH which provides state of the art care in a compassionate way to its neighbors." -Richard and Karen Black

Keeping South County in good health

“Virtually  all of our adult lives we have lived in a not-for-profit realm..." -Eric Widmer and Meera Viswanathan

A deep connection between South County Hospital and its community

“The deep connection that exists between South County Hospital and the community it serves is not lost on us here at ATW." -Peter Frost, CEO, ATW Companies