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Your heart health is our priority.

South County Cardiology (l-r) David Broza,MD;
David Bader, MD; Neil Brandon, MD; Steven Fera, MD; Aaron Weisbord, MD.

Renowned Rhode Island cardiologists are the foundation of our cardiac services. Assisting them is a team of highly experienced cardiac nurses and cardiovascular technologists working together to help you achieve optimal health. From diagnosis through rehabilitation, your care is our paramount concern.

A comprehensive approach to your cardiac care

The physicians of South County Cardiology have built a reputation on top quality personalized care. You are viewed as a unique individual, not an illness. Their sole focus is to make certain you receive the best possible cardiac care, stressing not only treatment but also preventive measures and rehabilitation. In fact, South County Hospital is home to arguably the best outpatient cardiac rehabilitation center in Rhode Island.

In addition to a team of highly-respected cardiologists, the department includes an experienced staff dedicated to cardiology patients. At South County Hospital, patients receive not only the best treatments available, but also the added benefit of a facility that can bring them from diagnosis to treatment, through rehabilitation.

We perform a range of diagnostic tests and procedures, such as cardiac catheterization, cardioversions, and pacemaker implantation. Our state-of-the-art cardiac catheterization lab is used to diagnose the location and degree of heart disease, and is instrumental in determining the best treatment and therapy plan.

And if you do have to stay overnight, you’ll do so in a private room with an en suite bathroom, which can accommodate an overnight guest. 

Cardiac and Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation

The road to recovery: 401 782-8020 ext. 3484, Cardiopulmonary Gym

Whatever your diagnosis, our accredited cardiac and cardiopulmonary rehab program can help you achieve your goals.  No matter where you've had your surgery or medical treatment, you can enjoy the road to recovery close to home, in a professional, caring, and joyful environment.

Locations, Hours of Operation

South County Cardiology has two locations:

  • Wakefield, RI: 70 Kenyon Ave., Medical Office Building, Suite 321
    401 789-5770
    Monday-Friday: 9a.m. - 5p.m.
  • East Greenwich, RI: 3461 South County Trail, Medical & Wellness Center, Suite 103
    401 471-6440
    Monday-Friday: 9a.m. - 5p.m.
  • Westerly, RI: 268 Post Rd. (Rt. 1), South County Health Medical & Wellness Center
    401 471-6440
    Office hours vary. Call to inquire.
Why I practice medicine at South County Cardiology
Why I practice medicine at South County Cardiology