South County Hospital

Cancer Surgery at South County Hospital

When you elect to have your cancer surgery at South County Hospital, you are treated by expert surgeons using the latest surgical techniques and technology in a facility designed for your comfort and privacy.

South County Hospital: #1 in Patient SatisfactionThe surgeons perform a wide range of surgeries on a near daily basis on breast, prostate, colon, rectal, uterine, ovarian, cervical, and bladder cancers, as well as melanoma and others. These are expert general surgeons, gynecologists and urologists committed to the care of their community.

Your Multidisciplinary Surgical Team

Your multidisciplinary surgical team will review your diagnosis and create a tailored, comprehensive plan that addresses pre- and post-surgery care. Medical and radiation oncologists are part of the care team, as well as other physicians who specialize in your particular form of cancer. In addition to surgery, the Hospital provides a full range of cancer services and resources, including the highly experienced, expert medical oncologists and radiation oncologists on the Medical Staff. Additionally the hospital offers on-site radiation therapy at South County Radiation Therapy.

After Your Surgery

South County Hospital Healthcare System offers a number of services and programs to aid in your recovery, including at-home nursing care through VNS Home Health Services, home-based personal assistance through South County Quality Care. Additionally, South County Surgical Supply can provide for your medical supply needs.