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South County Hospital Lyme Disease Care

401 471-6285, Lyme Disease Care 


Our Lyme Disease expert, Fred Silverblatt, MD, treats adults year-round who have experienced Lyme disease symptoms and for whom treatment has not been successful.  His care includes diagnosis and treatment of babesiosis, ehrilichiosis, and other tick-borne diseases. To be seen by Dr. Silverblatt, you must have a referral from a doctor.


Your physician may make an appointment for you by calling 401 471-6285. For your convenience, Dr Silverblatt has office hours in:

  • Wakefield (70 Kenyon Ave., Suite 326) 
  • East Greenwich in the Medical & Wellness Center (3461 S. County Trail, Suite 301). 

If you do not have a physician, our Find a Doctor service can connect you to local physicians accepting new patients.

What Does Lyme Disease Look Like?

Not everyone diagnosed with Lyme disease has the telltale bull's-eye rash. Symptoms can mimic those of the flu and include fatigue, headache, stiff neck, fever, chills, body aches and joint pain. If you believe you may have Lyme disease, it is important that you consult with your healthcare provider for proper diagnosis.

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If You Think Your Child May Have a Tick-borne Illness

Your pediatrician or family practitioner can provide you with information about pediatric Lyme disease clinics in Rhode Island for children under 18 years of age. Hasbro Children's Hospital has a pediatric Lyme disease clinic. Your child's physician should call 401 444-8360, to schedule an appointment. 

Your Lyme Disease Physician  


Fredric J. Silverblatt

  • Expertise: Tick borne Illnesses, including Lyme Disease, Infections of the Lung,
    Urinary Tract, Skin, Bones and Joints