South County Hospital

Corin MiniHip™ Total Hip Replacement

South County Health Orthopedics Center is the first healthcare facility in Rhode Island to offer the "mini hip" replacement.Combining the bone-conserving benefits of hip resurfacing with the stability of traditional total hip replacement, MiniHip retains the femur neck, allowing for a more stable hip solution for today's active patient. The MiniHip™ insert has been innovatively designed to provide immediate and long-term proximal stability, which may allow increased activity levels.


 The short stem is implanted through the top of the femur, leaving the neck of the femur bone intact, which can help patients return more quickly to their normal activities. The implant uses a proven cementless bi-coat, which creates the necessary friction needed in the hip joint and may promote bone integration for a longer-lasting implant—even in an active person.

MiniHip™ has the following benefits and characteristics:

  • Mid-neck resection for preservation of the femoral neck. 
  • Short stem to conserve bone for a less invasive procedure.
  • Titanium alloy for increased bio-compatibility.
  • Multiple high performance articulations.
  • Polished slim neck for increased range of motion.
  • Fins for increased rotational stability. 
  • Polished distal tip to prevent distal fixation, may help to reduce the risk of anterior thigh pain.
  • Seven sizes with increasing neck length for a proportional fit. 
  • Innovative instrumentation provides access to the hip through a smaller incision.

Contact Robert Marchand, MD, to set up an consultation and to learn if the MiniHip™ replacement is the best alternative for you.