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South County Hospital Spine Center

Treating Spine Conditions and Pain Management

401 404-2975, Brain & Spine Neurosurgical Institute


The South County Hospital Spine Center is a partnership between South County Hospital and the Brain & Spine Neurosurgical Institute. The philosophy of our Spine Center, in Wakefield, RI, is to provide individualized, timely, comprehensive, evidence-based and compassionate care to the patient with back pain caused by the spine. Our highly-trained staff strives to ensure that you have a thorough understanding of your spinal condition so that the best possible treatment plan is followed.

Headed by Sumit Das, MD, board certified in Neurosurgery, our Spine Center team will follow you through your initial diagnosis, interventional pain management, and, if needed, neurosurgical consultation and surgery. When you are referred to the South County Hospital Spine Center, a complete history and physical is performed and appropriate radiologic studies are ordered.  Every patient is seen as an individual, and a plan of treatment is developed for you based on your unique condition. This plan may include conservative management, physical therapy, injections or surgery

Patients of the Spine Center benefit from the collaborative expertise of neurosurgeons, general surgeons, interventional pain specialists, registered nurses and other clinicians all focused on one thing: providing top quality care. At every step, they strive to ensure that each patient has a thorough understanding of the spinal condition and the treatment plan.

The office of the South County Hospital Spine Center is located in suite 214 in the Medical Office Building at 70 Kenyon Avenue, Wakefield, RI (the Medical Office Building entrance is directly adjacent to the Hospital’s main entrance.)

Better Care by Design

  • Our Spine Center physicians have extensive experience in neurosurgery and general surgery to provide our patients with a wide variety of treatment options, from epidural steroid injections to minimally invasive surgical procedures.
  • Highly respected, expert surgeons, nurses, and therapists committed to an optimal patient-centered experience
  • Electronic medical records access for staff