South County Home Health

Patient Stories

'I'm amazed at how far I've come in the BIG program'

Past experience had given me little hope that I’d see results from VNS’ BIG program for Parkinson’s Disease—and boy, was I wrong! 

'I find it comforting to know that VNS is by my side' My telemedicine machine was installed in my home after a trip to the Hospital in August 2014 left me fragile. I needed to be monitored more closely, so my doctor ordered a home monitoring system from VNS Home Health Services. 
'Lifeline of VNS saved my mother's life' On a hot fall day, Nena, 83, stepped outside for some fresh air—and to give the squirrels some water since the temperature had reached 90 degrees.  What happened next, Nena did not see coming.
‘I couldn’t ask for better help or better people’ SCH LogoGeorge, 85, had developed a non-healing wound in his toe from a bone infection. Having previously had an infection in his other toe, he knew he needed a wound care specialist treating him.
‘VNS nurses treated me like family’ SCH LogoJoe, 92, realized he needed home care after a leg infection left an open wound on his ankle. But he didn’t want just any nurse tending to him—he wanted the nurses of VNS Home Health Services.