South County Hospital

What Our Patients Say...

'South County Hospital has allowed me to get back to the activities I love most' Before my knee surgery, completing tasks such as bending over and climbing stairs were every day challenges. Standing in one spot for a short period of time could be painful because I had no cartilage in my knees
'My wife and I were glad we had an outstanding option at South County Hospital' Hal Hultgren of Charlestown, RI was always active and traveling until an unfortunate back incident in August 2016.
'I am glad I chose spine surgery and more important, that I chose Dr. Madom'

Bill Annino, an avid gym-goer, had pain in his lower back. An MRI revealed a bulging disc, a common lower back injury from sports. He was recommended physical therapy to rehabilitate the problem, but eventually chose surgical intervention.

Dr. Marchand gave me my life back After traveling the world singing opera and pop music professionally for years, Shoshana Feinstein fulfilled a lifelong dream and purchased a farm in North Scituate. But with debilitating pain in her right knee, she found it increasingly difficult to enjoy all that her property had to offer. 
Dr. McCormick brings smile, sense of humor to his work I would like to send a special thank you to Dr. McCormick for taking good care of my son.
'Stella was born the day all of the ovens, kitchenware, and dry goods were delivered – she was literally the icing on the cake!'

Welcoming Baby Stella: The choice to deliver at South County Hospital was easy for bakery owners and Westerly residents Adam and Ebbie Young. 

'That's the kind of special care you get at South County Hospital' My 80-year-old mother had hip surgery at South County Hospital on Thursday, June 30, 2016. She's always loved babies, and has six children of her own and 13 grandchildren. She now has dementia and one of her favorite things nowadays is her baby doll, which to her is a very real baby.
Ashley’s Delivery: 'South County has that small-hospital feel every new mother wants' After having such a wonderful experience delivering my first baby at a smaller hospital, I knew I wanted to be back in the same environment.  -- Ashley, 34, Pawcatuck
Exceptional care close to home makes all the difference My world changed on March 24, 2014. The biopsy showed that there was a stage 3 mass in my breast. I had cancer. 
Delivering with Diabetes: Vanessa’s Story

The first half of my pregnancy was as normal and healthy as I could have hoped. Failing my glucose test and being diagnosed with gestational diabetes changed everything. It took a physical and emotional toll, but the skilled and compassionate doctors and nurses at South County Hospital helped me through it all. --Vanessa, Westerly, RI