South County Hospital

South County Orthopedics Gave Me My Life Back

Tony Medeiros

I was an avid runner for years before pain in my left knee forced me to stop.  Before my knee problem, It wasn’t unusual for me to fly out to a city on a Friday, run a marathon, and fly back on Sunday. My left knee started bothering me so much, my doctor recommended I stop running in 1996. I went from being a fit to fat in a  matter of years.  I missed running, but all the orthopedic doctors I visited told me I needed a total knee replacement and I didn’t want to do that. My wife had a total knee replacement and it took her nearly a year to fully recover.  She still can’t kneel down fully.

Then I heard about a new surgical procedure being offered by South County Hospital –MAKOplasty® and partial knee replacement—and I knew right away that is what I’d been looking for. Dr. Bob Marchand operated on my left knee in March of 2011. I ran my first race three months later and I’ve been running ever since.  I’m 81 years old now and feel great. I run 20 miles a week. It’s almost as if I never had a problem with my knee. If I hadn’t had the partial knee replacement, I’d still be sitting on the couch. My marathon days may be over, but I can still get out there and run three to four miles a day without a problem. South County Hospital and South County Orthopedics gave me back my life.