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Serving Rhode Island Residents since 1905, South County Home Health is the oldest and largest non-profit provider of skilled home care in Washington County, Jamestown and East Greenwich.

For over a century, southern Rhode Islanders have relied on South County Home Health--formerly known as VNS Home Health Services--to provide compassionate and skilled health care to their families. Our outstanding patient care is reflected in our excellent patient satisfaction ratings - satisfaction in the 98th percentile.

South County Home Health continues to be a pioneering force in home health by being the first in RI to incorporate technology - such as telemedicine and Vital Stim - into daily care. For the past century and the next, South County Home Health will continue to be home health experts.


Our Mission

South County Home Health, a non-profit community based organization is dedicated to assisting individuals, families and communities to manage illness and to reach an optimal level of health through the provision of quality home health services, education, and community programs.


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