South County Home Health

A Message from Our President and CEO


Dear Friends,

How do we describe what happens to all of us as we turn from infant to child then teenager to adult, and finally to earn the title senior citizen? One famous author said “we turn not older with years but newer every day.”  In home health we help people of all ages deal with “the newness” of each day at periods in their life when they are vulnerable--dealing with the effects of surgery, medical or physical conditions. Home Health offers everyone in need of skilled care the benefit of one-on-one treatments as well as teaching in the most convenient location for the patient and family - their own home. It allows us to focus on one patient at a time in order to provide the highest quality medical care.

During the hundred plus years that South County Home Health has been assisting people with each new day, South County Home Health has indeed not grown older but added newness to their own days. The clinical services that we offer are diverse, new programs have been developed and technology has provided us with abilities not envisioned one hundred years ago.

After more than 20 years working at various roles at South County Home Health, and now, as President & CEO, I continue to be proud of this agency’s history of service and look forward to planning for the future and newness of the coming days.

Mary-Lou Rhodes
President & CEO
South County Home Health
14 Woodruff Avenue, Suite 7
Narragansett, RI 02882