EVENT: Parents' guide to raising children

Published 01/09/2020

South County Health, Narragansett Prevention Partnership, and SK Wellness are partnering on a four part series to help guide parents through some of the challenges associated with parenting.

For information call (401) 212-3811 or email narraprevention@gmail.com.

The first session takes place on January 29, 2020 from 6:30 p.m.-8 p.m. and is focused on teenage brain development and tips on parenting teenagers.

It takes place in the Potter B Conference Room at South County Hospital, 100 Kenyon Avenue, Wakefield.

Entitled: “The Mystifying and Magnificent Teenager”, the session focuses on understanding the developing teenage brain, learning how to not take teenager’s behavior personally, and skills that can support teens and keep them connected to you.

The January 29 session is presented by Renae Martin, RN, BSN, BS, CPS, and Susan J. Littlefield, LMHC.

Martin is the Project Coordinator at the Narragansett Prevention Partnership.

Littlefield has a private counseling practice in East Greenwich and facilitates parenting classes and groups, youth retreats and positive life skill courses throughout Rhode Island.

The Narragansett Prevention Partnership is the substance abuse prevention coalition in Narragansett. The core membership is made up of school administration, police officers, parents, local like-minded agencies and businesses.

To learn more, visit www.narragansettprevention.org

SK Wellness works out of South Kingstown public schools to promote optimal mental health among South County residents through education and advocacy.

To learn more, visit www.swellri.org

Additional sessions and topics will be announced once dates, times and locations are confirmed.