Furloughed federal workers invited for free meal

Published 01/22/2019

sch wavecrestFurloughed government employees and families allowed free meals at South County Hospital

In an effort to provide relief to local families affected by the recent government shutdown, South County Health is offering free meals to local government employees who are currently furloughed and their dependent family members.

Free dinners for furloughed government workers will be available each Tuesday from 4:30 to 6:30 pm inside the cafeteria at South County Hospital while the furlough is in effect.

Eligible employees include military personnel, TSA employees, and other federally employed personnel currently furloughed due to the government shut down.

To enjoy a meal at South County Hospital cafeteria, just come to the cafeteria. At checkout, simply let the cashier know that you are a government employee.

For more information, call 788-1448.