Patient and Family Advisory Council on Cancer Care

Patient & Family Advisory Council on Cancer Care

The South County Health Patient and Family Advisory Council on Cancer Care is a partnership and communication forum composed of patients, family members, community members, and hospital staff committed to: 

  • supporting South County Hospital’s vision; 
  • providing essential input in the planning, implementation, and operations of cancer services at the Hospital; and
  • advocating for the highest quality of care for cancer patients and their families with an emphasis on wellness at every stage of the cancer care continuum.

Advisory Council composition

  • 12 to 15 members consisting of three to five staff and eight to 10 community members
  • Community members include patients currently receiving cancer care at the Hospital as well as former patients, family members, and providers of community cancer support services.
  • When appropriate, other Hospital staff will be asked to participate as ad hoc members.

Advisory Council commitment

  • Regular meetings at a frequency and time to be agreed upon by Council members.
  • Council membership is for one year with the option to continue for a second year.
  • A Council member can resign or request a leave of absence from the Council at any time during his or her term.

Joining the Advisory Council

  • Persons interested in joining the Council are asked to complete the member information form to the right.
  • Applicants will be invited to join the Council pending the availability of a position on the Council.  
  • Every effort is made to achieve diversity in Advisory Council members that reflects the population served by the Hospital.

For more information please contact 401-788-1570 or