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Home Telemonitoring

Technology that monitors vital signs daily while at home and automatically transmits them to the South County Home Health office where a registered nurse reviews them.

Who benefits from the Home Telemonitoring System?

  • Primarily individuals with heart and lung problems and blood pressure issues

What data can the home monitor collect and transmit?

  • Daily measurements can be made of heart rate, blood pressure, mean arterial pressure, weight, and oxygen saturation

What are the benefits of in-home monitoring services?

  • Encourages patient independence by reinforcing behavior and lifestyle changes needed to promote health
  • Gives concerned family members the peace of mind that a professional nurse is "keeping an eye" on their loved one on a daily basis and communicating important information to the his/her physician
  • Fosters active patient participation in their plan of care

How much does the telemonitoring system cost and how can I get it?

  • Telemedicine is provided free of charge by South County Home Health (SCHH) for patients receiving skilled home health services under their doctors orders. Home telemonitoring is one tool their SCHH clinician may use to help with progression of their home health care plan goals.
  • Patients who have reached their home health care goals may opt to continue with telemedicine on a private pay basis to make them feel more secure.