Frequently Asked Questions - Nutrition Counseling

Q: I never eat breakfast. Do I really have to?

A: Breakfast provides a great opportunity to include many of the nutrients necessary for good health. Although you may not be used to eating breakfast daily, your dietitian can help you take small steps toward making changes to start your day off right--with a nutritious breakfast!  

Q: Is eating after 6:00pm bad for your health?

A: While evening snacking has been known to thwart healthy eating efforts of the day, each person’s preferences and needs are considered. Your dietitian will work with you on choosing healthy food options and changing behaviors if necessary.

Q: Does having diabetes mean I can never eat dessert?

A: Of course not! Having a treat may be important to you, which is why you will learn which foods provide the most nutritional benefits and control of your diabetes. Your dietitian can provide guidance on how to include some of your favorite desserts in your meal plan.

Q: Do I have to stop eating in restaurants?

A: Many people like the convenience, socialization, and adventure of eating in restaurants. Your dietitian can guide you toward menu choices and portion practices that will be within your nutrition goals.

Q: Should I only eat fat-free foods to lower my cholesterol?

A: Not necessarily. Although fat-free foods were once considered better for you, research today proves otherwise. The strict fat-free diet is no longer considered the healthiest way to manage cholesterol.  There are advantages to consuming sources of healthy fats every day. Your dietitian will provide you with the latest, medically proven information available.