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Community Call to Action

Exterior of South County Hospital with text reading We Need Your Help


South County Health seeks your support as we work with the Town of South Kingstown to permit access to optimal hospital parking and modernize our main campus grounds and facilities in effort to deliver unparalleled quality, service, and innovation in healthcare available to you right here in our community.

Our Plans to Grow

South Kingstown’s Planning & Zoning Board recently approved South County Health’s Institutional Master Plan, which lays out five- and ten-year planning objectives that include expansion of many programs and services that will further benefit our community.

Forthcoming campus development efforts will create one-of-a-kind, integrated care environments with seamless integration of ambulatory and hospital-based care settings while providing the optimal patient, caregiver and medical staff experiences. This work compliments our previous efforts to relocate hospital-based primary care providers to off-campus locations in the community, like in our new primary care office in Narragansett.

Parking expansion, enabled through the land swap, is integral to these plans. 

A supportive petition can be found on the right of this page. Please sign to voice your support of the land swap and South County Health's plans to grow.

Aerial rendering for proposed expansion of hospital parking

Optimizing Access to Parking

The South Kingstown Town Council previously approved the Town’s application to the State of Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management and the U.S. National Park Service for swapping a portion of Town Farm Park for a recreational property of equivalent community value, which would allow South County Health to expand the hospital’s parking.


Currently in conceptual phases of design, South County Health’s plan WOULD:

• Transfer a 35+ acre parcel of land to the Town of South Kingstown in exchange for a portion of Town Farm Park.

•  Acquire only 2.3 acres, a portion, of Town Farm Park currently consisting of part of an underutilized ballfield, and a playground area, for expanded parking while preserving remaining acreage for continued access to green spaces and community recreational activities.

• Create neighborhood-friendly integrated walking trails; a NEW playground overlooking the salt pond; and NEW respite areas that may be enjoyed by community members along with Hospital patients, visitors, and staff.

• Optimize neighborhood-friendly landscaping and lighting through the engagement of registered landscaping and lighting architects in the finalization of definitive plan designs.

• Add over 100 new parking spaces for South County Hospital, allowing for South County Health’s growth and alleviating problems such as excessive traffic circulation and time spent looking for parking spaces.

• Continue to make every effort to engage local stakeholders including neighbors and the Narragansett Indian Tribe to finalize plan designs.

• Require approval from National Park Service and the South Kingstown Town Council and/or Planning and Zoning Board before any development efforts begin.

South County Health’s plan DOES NOT in any way:

• Require excavation or development of structures that would jeopardize any historical artifacts or cultural sites of significance that may be present on the Town Farm Park property.

• Involve a plan to make South County Health a more attractive acquisition target.

• Result in less playground, walking, or respite areas available to our neighbors.


South County Health is committed to investing in our community

  • $6.9M of financial assistance and other community benefits at cost
  • $1.3M of subsides for population-based health promotion programs
  • $15M of subsidies for primary care and specialty physician practices

South County Health is dedicated to the health of our community

Every year, South County Health provides residents of South Kingstown with approximately:

  • 8,900 emergency department visits
  • 2,800 hospital stays for hospital-based inpatient medical and surgical care
  • 1,000 hospital stays for hospital-based outpatient medical and surgical care
  • 15,000 diagnostic imaging studies
  • 35,000 laboratory visits
  • 21,000 physician office visits

South County Health offers the community world-class orthopedics, expansive cancer services, urology, vascular, cardiology, women’s health, home health, community health, and surgical care.