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Maintaining or achieving a healthy body and mind is essential to your health and productivity. At South County Health we provide staff and their families with the Well Beyond Program designed to support optimal well-being.

There is something for everyone, whether you’re just starting to transition towards a healthier lifestyle, or well along your
journey. Most of these programs are available to all staff (and spouses), regardless of benefits eligibility or enrollment status.

Well Beyond program offerings target the following areas:

  • Physical Activity: Including exercise, flexibility, recreation, and strength training
  • Nutrition: Achieving a healthy diet, understanding foods’ nutritional and caloric contents, proper portions, and the
    body’s nutritional and caloric needs
  • Preventative Care and Medical Risks: Knowing your numbers maintain healthy blood pressure, BMI (BodyMass Index), HDL & Total Cholesterol
  • Resilience: Including work/life balance, sleep habits, and stress management.
  • Financial Wellness: These programs recognize that a sense of financial security reduces stress and is important to overall well-being.
  • Career Development: Recognizing the influence of career and doing something fulfilling to overall well-being, career development programs support learning professional excellence and growth.

While these programs help our families stay well, the support and encouragement from our family members, as well as friends and colleagues can turn the challenge of changing behaviors and maintaining health into a shared and rewarding experience.

Improving total well-being has positive financial benefits, too. It keeps health insurance premiums more affordable for the System and for staff, which preserves your personal resources and the System's to invest in providing the highest quality patient care, new technologies, and staff.

The goal of the Well Beyond Program is to inspire your personal commitment to wellness and to living the South County Health vision.