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South County Health Board of Trustees

The South County Health Board of Trustees is the chief decision-making body of the organization. Its members work to strengthen the quality and viability of South County Health to best serve the community. The Board of Trustees meets on a regular basis throughout the year.


Joseph Matthews, Chairman

Joseph F. Matthews, Chairman







James L. Farrell, Treasurer

James L. Farrell, Vice Chairman







Betty Rambur, Ph.D., R.N.

Betty Rambur, Ph.D., R.N., Secretary







John H. Howland

John H. Howland, Treasurer







Aaron Robinson, President & CEO, Ex-officioAaron Robinson, President & CEO, Ex-officio 








Robert Bierwirth, MDRobert Bierwirth, M.D., Vice President of the Medical Staff, Ex-officio







Steve Blazejewski

Sandra Coletta

Robert K. Dyer, M.D.







Naveh Levy, M.D., President of the Medical Staff, Ex-officio







Rogean Makowski







Jason Marshall

Austin C. SmithAustin C. Smith







John Wardle

Victoria Wicks