Community Health Needs Assessment

Community Health Needs

In support of South County Health’s (SCH) community benefit activities and to guide community health improvement efforts, SCH participated in a statewide comprehensive Community Health Needs Assessment (“CHNA”), led by the Hospital Association of Rhode Island and its member hospitals.

The CHNA was conducted from June 2015 to June 2016. The 2016 CHNA built upon the 2013 CHNA. The assessment was conducted in a timeline to comply with requirements set forth in the Affordable Care Act (“ACA”), as well as to further SCH’s commitment of community health and population health management.

In support of the 2016 Community Health Needs Assessment, and ongoing community benefit initiatives, South County Health plans to implement strategies to impact and measure community health improvement, particularly in the area of mental health and substance abuse (collectively referred to as “Behavioral Health”).

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