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Financial Assistance 

South County Health (SCH) is proud of its commitment to provide quality care to all who need it.  If you have trouble paying for your care, we can help.  Our Patient Financial Advocacy Program reaches out to patients with payment and financial support options at the time of registration.  The office is located at the Emergency Room entrance and is open from 10:00 AM to 6:30 PM Sunday – Saturday.  An advocate can be reached by calling (401) 788-1383.

We provide hospital care without charge to uninsured Rhode Island residents with incomes less than:

Family Size 100%
1 $24,120
2 $32,480
3 $40,840
4 $49,200
5 $57,560
6 $65,920
7 $74,280
8 $82,640
each additional: $4,180

Rhode Island Resident

Individual whose primary residence is within the state of Rhode Island, regardless of citizenship or immigration status. A Rhode Island license or other government issued card with address for verification or a copy of a utility bill will serve as proof of residency.

Family Size

Listing of all dependents. Family members must receive at least 50% of their support from the responsible party to be included in the family size calculation. Proof of support includes the family member being listed on the prior year's tax return as a dependent, canceled checks, or copies of money orders for support expenses. A family unit is further defined as a group of two or more persons related by birth, adoption, marriage or other legal means who either live together or who live apart and are claimed as dependents.


Proof of Income is required. Acceptable proof is all three documents listed below:

  • Current Federal Income Tax Return*
  • Copies of Current Paychecks - Three consecutive months
  • Bank Statements - Three consecutive months

*If you did not file federal income tax, you will need to call the IRS at 1-800-829-1040 and request letter #1722, which states you did not file.

Income to report - Income of all wage earners in the household is to be reported. If you are a dependents who is claimed on another family member's income tax then we require that income to be reported on the application with proof of the reported income.

Income is defined as:

  • Salaries
  • Wages
  • Self employment income
  • Child care income
  • Rental income
  • Unemployment compensation
  • Temporary disability
  • Child support
  • Alimony 
  • Veteran's benefits
  • Social security payments
  • Dividend income
  • Interest income
  • Royalties
  • Private and public pensions
  • Public assistance
  • Strike benefits
  • Net lottery winning
  • Workers compensation
  • One time insurance payment
  • Injury compensation received in the calendar year in which the financial aid is sought

No Income

The following is required for applicants who state they have no income:

  • Letter from unemployment stating that the patient is not eligible to receive benefits or that benefits have been exhausted.
  • A letter from person who supplies food and lodging for applicant. Must state how long the person has provided this, must be signed, dated and notarized.
  • Letter from applicant explaining their situation, when last employed, why no longer employed and when they expect to be employed.

Asset Protection Threshold

Asset Protection Threshold is a maximum amount of assets that may be held and still allow the patient/guarantor to be eligible for charity care. The asset protection threshold for 2017 is $9,659.00 for singles and $14,488.00 for family units..

Assets are defined as cash, cash-equivalents and other hard assets that can be converted into cash including: cash on hand, savings accounts, checking accounts, certificate of despot (CD's), money market accounts, stocks (common and preferred), bonds, mutual funds, IRAs, 301(k)s, 403(b)s, 457s, cash in value of life insurance policies, personal property, motor vehicles other than for personal use, second homes and rental properties. Excluded from assets are primary residence and motor vehicle for personal use.


Charity Care is available to uninsured low income Rhode Island residents ineligible for state, federal, or employer sponsored health insurance.

The initial eligibility period is six months. Each patient will have to re-apply at the end of each six-month period for Charity Care. If there is a change in financial circumstances during the initial or subsequent six-month period, such as income or family status, an updated or new application must be completed.

The Charity Care program shall cover all Inpatient and Outpatient medical services routinely billed by South County Hospital Healthcare System and that are covered under the Rhode Island Medicaid program. The Charity Care Program does not cover charges incurred by South County Surgical Supply, Emergency Physicians of New England, XRA Medical Imaging, and any anesthesiology charges.

Patients who falsify the information provided on the Charity Care application will no longer be eligible for the program and will be held responsible for all charges incurred while enrolled in the program retroactively to the first day that charges were incurred under the program.

Completed charity care applications should be submitted to the Patient Financial Advocacy Office at South County Health, 100 Kenyon Avenue, Wakefield, RI 02879. They can also be reached at 401-788-1383.

If you are denied financial aid, you may appeal the decision by contacting a patient financial aid advocate at (401) 788-1383. You may also contact the Rhode Island Department of Health Information at 1-800-942-7434.

Our financial aid information is also available in French, Spanish and Italian below.

Important Forms:


Criterios para obtener ayuda económica

El Sistema de Salud de South County Hospital se enorgullece de su compromiso por brindar un servicio de calidad a quienes lo necesiten. El Sistema de Salud de South County Hospital ofrece ayuda económica a los pacientes que no poseen seguro médico y no están en condiciones de pagar por los servicios de salud. Además, el Sistema de Salud de South County Hospital ofrece descuentos a pacientes sin seguro que tengan dificultad para pagar la totalidad de su cuenta hospitalaria. Estos servicios gratuitos y con descuento sólo se aplican a los servicios básicos de salud.

Cuidado caritativo completo

Brindamos asistencia médica gratuita a residentes de Rhode Island que no poseen seguro médico y cuentan un ingreso inferior a:


*200% 2011 de las Pautas de Nivel de Pobreza Federal de 2009/2010, sujeto a modificación según su actualización.

La presente es información real y sólo será modificada si se amplía la ayuda económica superando los requisitos mínimos y/o se elimina el examen de ingresos (Abajo).

Cuidado caritativo parcial

También brindamos descuentos en asistencia médica a residentes de Rhode Island con ingresos entre:


El presente es sólo un ejemplo. El Sistema de Salud del Hospital South County tiene la libertad de establecer un programa de descuentos de hasta 300% del Nivel de Pobreza Federal o aplicar el examen de ingresos (Abajo).

Los solicitantes que posean bienes con un valor SUPERIOR a $8,700.00 si se trata de una persona (o $13.000.00 para familias) no son elegibles para obtener el máximo descuento en los servicios, pero podrán solicitar un descuento menor.

Para obtener información acerca de la ayuda económica, contacte a uno de nuestros Asesores Financieros para Pacientes: 401 788-1383

Si se le niega la ayuda económica, usted puede apelar la decisión.

También puede solicitar el proceso de apelación a los contactos antes mencionados.


Requisiti per beneficiare dell’aiuto finanziario

La South County Hospital Healthcare Systems è orgogliosa del suo impegno per cercare di offrire un’assistenza sanitaria a tutti coloro che ne hanno bisogno. La South County Hospital Healthcare Systems offre l’aiuto finanziario ai pazienti che non possiedono un’assicurazione sulla salute e che, probabilmente, non sono in grado di pagare per l’assistenza ricevuta. La South County Hospital Healthcare Systems offre anche degli sconti ai pazienti non assicurati, che potrebbero avere difficoltà a pagare l’intera fattura. Questa assistenza gratuita e scontata copre soltanto i livelli essenziali di assistenza sanitaria.

Assistenza caritatevole completa

Offriamo l’assistenza ospedaliera senza costi ai residenti non assicurati di Rhode Island con redditi inferiori a:


*200% del 2012 Direttive sulla Povertà Federale, soggette a modifiche una volta aggiornate

Questa è una dichiarazione effettiva e sarà modificata soltanto se l’aiuto finanziario supera questi requisiti minimi e/o se si rinuncia alla verifica sui beni (qui sotto)

Assistenza caritatevole parziale

Offriamo anche l’assistenza ospedaliera scontata ai residenti non assicurati di Rhode Island con redditi compresi tra:


Questo è un esempio. La South County Hospital Healthcare
Systems ha un margine per determinare un programma di sconto fino al 300% del FPL o per richiedere la verifica sul patrimonio (qui sotto).

I richiedenti con un patrimonio superiore a $8.900.00 per persona (o $13.500.00 per una famiglia) potrebbero non essere idonei a ricevere lo sconto più elevato sull’assistenza, ma possono essere idonei a ricevere uno sconto inferiore.

Per scoprire se Lei è idoneo/a a ricevere l’aiuto finanziario, la preghiamo di contattare il Patient Financial Advisors (Consulenti Finanziari per Pazienti): 401 788-1383

Se le viene rifiutato l’aiuto finanziario, può fare ricorso contro la decisione. Lei può anche richiedere il procedimento per il ricorso al contatto menzionato qui sopra.


Critères d’aide financière

Le système de soins de santé de l’hôpital South County est fier de son engagement à offrir des soins de qualité à tous ceux qui en ont besoin. Le système de soins de santé de l’hôpital South County offre une aide financière aux patients sans assurance maladie et qui peuvent se trouver dans l’incapacité de payer leurs soins de santé. Le système de soins de santé de l’hôpital South County offre également une réduction aux patients non assurés qui pourraient avoir de la difficulté à payer leur facture au complet. Ces soins gratuits et avec réduction s’appliquent seulement aux services essentiels de soins de santé.

Soins caritatifs complets

Nous offrons des soins hospitaliers sans frais aux résidents non assurés du Rhode Island avec des revenus inférieurs à :


*200 % 2012 des lignes directrices fédérales sur la pauvreté, limites sujettes à modification lors de mises à jour

Il s’agit d’un communiqué effectif et il ne sera modifié que si l’aide financière s’accroît au-delà de ces exigences minimales ou si le test des avoirs est abaissé (voir ci-dessous).

Soins caritatifs partiels

Nous offrons également des soins hospitaliers avec réduction aux résidents non assurés du Rhode Island avec des revenus entre:


Il s’agit d’un exemple. Le système de soins de santé de l’hôpital South County a la liberté d’établir un tableau de réduction qui va jusqu’à 300 % des lignes directrices fédérales sur la pauvreté ou d’utiliser le test des avoirs ci-dessous.

Les demandeurs avec des avoirs SUPÉRIEURS à 8 900.00$ our un individu (ou 13 500.00 $ pour une famille) peuvent ne pas se qualifier pour la réduction la plus élevée sur les soins, mais peuvent se qualifier pour une réduction inférieure.

Pour établir si vous vous qualifiez pour une aide financière, veuillez communiquer avec nos conseillers financiers aux patients: 401 788-1383

Si votre demande d’aide financière est refusée, vous pouvez en appeler de la décision.

Vous pouvez également entreprendre la procédure d’appel auprès des personnes ci-dessus.