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Hospitalist Care at South County Hospital

You’re in good hands with a hospitalist, an advanced practice clinician or board-certified physician in charge of your care when you are admitted to South County Hospital. Hospitalists are trained in internal medicine or family medicine, and devote their practice to the care of hospitalized patients. They work closely with nurses and other in-patient caregivers as an integrated patient-care team.

Many primary care physicians refer their patients to a hospitalist when they are admitted to the hospital, excluding surgical and obstetrical patients. Your primary care physician is welcome to check on you and communicate with our hospitalists throughout your hospital stay. When you are discharged, you will return to his or her care.

With their focus on the unique needs of hospitalized patients, hospitalists help ensure you receive the highest quality care and attention throughout your hospital stay.

Keeping a close eye on you

  • As a hospital-based clinician, a hospitalist sees you every day, as often as needed
  • Involves various hospital specialists and departments, as necessary
  • Follows up on tests and adjusts your treatment regimen throughout the day, based on results and consultation with hospital colleagues

Coordinating care with your primary care physician

  • Upon your admission, a hospitalist discusses your condition with your physician and obtains pertinent records, as necessary
  • May dialogue with your physician during the course of your treatment
  • At discharge, discusses your further treatment needs with your physician, helps arrange follow-up care, and prescribes necessary medication
  • Sends your hospital records to your physician

Answering questions for you and your family

  • Available for consultation at any time, day or night–a member of our hospitalist group is always present in the hospital
  • Provides honest and considerate answers during critical and stressful moments
  • Spends time in person with you