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Intensive Care Unit

Patients who are admitted to South County Hospital's Intensive Care Unit (ICU) are typically critically ill but in reversible condition. Our unit offers personalized care, ensuring the best possible experience.

South County’s Intensive Care Unit holds up to eight beds, each located in their own generously-spaced, private room. Our new beds offer plenty of space and comfort, recline or sit up straight into a seated chair position, and offer easy exit from the end of each bed.

Visiting the ICU

Family and friends are encouraged and welcome to visit at any hour, even during patient rounds in the morning. South County Hospital embraces a philosophy of open and flexible visitation that welcomes the involvement of family and significant others in a patient’s care. For the comfort of all our patients, we do ask that visitors talk quietly and that children be in the care of an adult at all times.


South County Hospital's ICU is one of 60 hospitals nationwide chosen to be a part of the ABCDEF Bundle Implementation Collaborative. Designed to improve care within the ICU, this collaborative allows South County Hospital to network with other hospitals across the U.S on best practices.

The mission of the ABCDEF Bundle Implementation Collaborative is to create lean, sustainable, and highly functioning ICU interdisciplinary teams that partner with patients and families to create a safe and comfortable patient environment. This is accomplished by implementing the SCCM evidence-based Pain, Agitation and Delirium Guideline recommendations utilizing the ABCDEF bundle.

  • A – Assess, Prevent and Manage Pain
  • B – Both spontaneous Awakening trials (SAT) and  spontaneous Breathing trails (SBT)
  • C – Choice of Analgesia and Sedation
  • D – Delirium Assess, Prevent and Manage
  • E – Early Mobility and Exercise
  • F – Family Engagement and Empowerment

Benefits to the patient/family members:

  • Improvement in teamwork and collaboration
  • More efficient resource use with less energy (including money, time, supplies, and/or good will)
  • Sustained compliance with assessments and interventions