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After Surgery

Phase 1: Post Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU)

When your surgery is complete, you may go to the PACU where the nursing staff will monitor you closely for post-anesthesia symptoms.  You may experience some nausea or vomiting right after surgery.  This is not unusual and the nursing staff will keep you as comfortable as possible.  Other symptoms may include shivering, headache, muscle soreness, sore throat, nervousness and sleepiness.  These symptoms usually subside within 24 hours.

If you experience pain, tell your nurse so that he or she can assess your degree of discomfort and provide medication to alleviate the pain. Once you wake up and recover from the initial post-operative phase (approximately 1 hour), you will be transported back to the Ambulatory Care Center. 

Phase 2: Ambulatory Care Center 

This phase of your recovery will include a light snack and drink.  We will continue to monitor your vital signs, levels of pain, sleepiness and your recovery process from the anesthesia that you received.  For those patients who have spinal anesthesia, we will also assess your ability to walk safely and to urinate prior to discharge.

Phase 3A: Leaving the Hospital the Same Day 

If you are leaving the hospital the same day of surgery, you must arrange to have someone drive you home if you had having anesthesia or sedatives.  This is imperative for your safety and the safety of others on the road.

You will be discharged from the same Main Lobby entrance where you arrived. 

Before you leave, your nurse will review with you and your family the post-operative instructions that your doctor has ordered.  If you have any questions regarding these instructions after you get home, please call your doctor’s office. 

Please note: you must have someone to assist with your care for your first 24 hours after surgery.

Phase 3B: Admission to the Hospital After Surgery

If you need to stay overnight after your surgery, you will stay in the Post Anethesia Care Unit (PACU) until a hospital bed is ready for you.

If your surgeon has informed you in advance that you will be admitted after surgery, please arrange to have someone bring your personal items, such as a bathrobe, slippers and toiletry items, as well as any assisted walking devices you may need to your hospital room after your surgery.

Hospital Inpatient Room

Family and friends can check with the Information Desk for your room number by calling 788-1488. 

Visitors are welcome to visit at any hour, although we recommend limiting patients’ visitors to two at a time. 

Please be sure you leave the hospital with any written, post-operative instructions your doctor ordered. If you have any concerns or questions during your recovery, please call your doctor.