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Volunteer FAQs 

Q: What types of volunteer positions do you have available?
A: Please view our volunteer opportunities or apply online to become a volunteer.

Q: How old do I need to be to volunteer in the Hospital?
A: Volunteers over the age of 16 can serve in all areas. Junior Volunteers are permitted in non-patient care areas, support our staff on various Hospital projects, and can service a maximum of 20 hours total.

Q: Can I volunteer if I need community service hours?
If you qualify as a Student or Junior Volunteer, you are able to complete your community service hours at South County Hospital. If you need community service hours for any other reason, please contact the Volunteer Services department at 401 788-1982.

Q: Can I participate in the Summer Volunteer Program (from June to August) if I cannot attend the June informational session?
A: In order to volunteer in our Summer Program you must attend an informational session between September and June (informational sessions are not held in January or July). You cannot volunteer at the Hospital without successfully completing the volunteer requirements, which includes attending an informational session. (see requirements for student and junior volunteers)

Q: I cannot commit to regular volunteer work right now. Is there any way I can still volunteer?
A: Volunteer Services needs a minimum volunteer commitment of one 3-4 hour time block per week for six months. Our only exception is during the summer. You can volunteer for 3 months, but must dedicate two 3-4 hour time blocks per week.

Q: Why do you require so many vaccinations before volunteering?
A: South County Hospital follows all laws, regulations, and requirements imposed by state and federal law, OSHA, the Joint Commission, and other regulatory bodies. We require volunteers and staff to receive vaccinations for the safety and well-being of our patients, visitors, staff, and volunteers.

Q: Do I have to pay for any of the tests required in the health screening?

  • If you are currently enrolled in a higher learning college or university, this can be done at your school's Health Services. 
  • If you are under 18, we ask that you see your physician. Co-payments may apply. 
  • If you are over 18 and not enrolled in a higher learning college or university, our Employee Health Department will make an appointment with you to give you additional vaccinations or titers needed at no cost. Please do not see your own physician due to the cost you will incur.

Q: Does volunteering guarantee me a job at the Hospital if I decide to apply for a paid position?
A: No, we cannot guarantee that volunteers will secure a paid position. Volunteering does, however, provide an opportunity to develop internal references, access to the internal job postings, and exposure to the culture and values required of all people who work in the Hospital. Employees are selected for jobs based upon their experience, skills, references, and credentials.

Q: Can I come to the Hospital to shadow a doctor or observe a procedure?
A: If there is an agreement with your school for your academic program, contact your school to make arrangements. If you contact a physician on your own to request a job shadow or an observation and you are approved, have that physician contact the Medical Staff Office at 401 788-1466 to complete the process.

Q: Does South County Hospital offer internship positions?
A: Yes, the Hospital offers non-clinical internships through the Volunteer Services department. South County Hospital does not offer clinical internships unless previously contracted through your school. Learn more >