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Home Health receives 5-Stars for Patient Experience

Published 01/14/2021

South County Home Health, a highly respected visiting nurse service in Rhode Island, was recently heralded among the best in the country for Patient Experience.

The Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS) developed its 5-Star rating system to help healthcare consumers when choosing healthcare providers. The scale rates providers from 1 (lowest) to 5 (highest), using publicly available data and survey results from healthcare systems across the country.

The 5-Star system analyzes the data and ranks each system so that consumers do not have to spend countless hours conducting their own research.

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Above state and national averages

Based on survey responses from patients, South County Home Health scored above Rhode Island and National averages.

The patient survey asks patients (or their family or friends) about the care they received from South County Home Health, and if they would recommend the agency to someone else.

Below are data results from patient surveys.

How often the home health team gave care in a professional way: 92%

National average: 88%
Rhode Island average: 87%

How well did the home health team communicate with patients: 90%

National average: 85%
Rhode Island average: 86%

Did the home health team discuss medicines, pain, and home safety with patients: 88%

National average: 83%
Rhode Island average: 84%

How do patients rate the overall care from the home health agency: 92%

National average: 84%
Rhode Island average: 84%

Would patients recommend the home health agency to friends and family: 85%

National average: 78%
Rhode Island average: 79%

Ansje Gershkoff, Director of South County Home Health credits the dedication of her staff to deliver ‘patient- centered’ care that earned the high mark.

“Our philosophy is the patient comes first,” Gershkoff said. “We provide care in a team based approach, where everyone on the team is highly important to the success of our patients and our agency. We are fortunate to have such a great team. We continue to focus on implementing quality and patient safety metrics, along with growth strategies. We meet regularly to review patient experiences to ensure that the patients we serve are satisfied with our services so they can maintain wellness and continue to live their best lives at home.“

South County Home Health began providing services in 1905 as Visiting Nurse Services. Today, South County Home Health is the most trusted choice for providing care to homebound patients across Rhode Island and nearby Connecticut.

For more information about South County Home Health, contact them via email: or call the 24-hour lines: 401-782-0500 or 800-834-3334.