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Meet Alex: One robotic surgery. Two new hips. My first bike ride in nine years.

The South County Health Institute for Robotic Surgery provides less invasive procedures for faster recoveries and better outcomes. Just ask Alex, who is 20.

“The last time I rode a bike, I was 11 years old. Now I’m making up for lost time.”

His mom Lauren agrees. “Finding South County Hospital and the robotics program gave my family such peace of mind. I couldn’t believe we were blessed to live so close to the hospital because we were willing to travel anywhere.”

Alex’s successful double hip replacement surgery was performed by Dr. Robert Marchand using the Mako Surgical System. In partnership with OrthoRI, the Institute for Robotic Surgery is the worldwide leader in Mako robotic-arm assisted surgery for hip and knee replacements, with more than 8,000 procedures to date. It’s just one of the ways we’re advancing surgical care for people like Alex.

“Riding makes me feel free and at peace,” says Alex.