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Having Surgery at South County Hospital

South County Hospital Surgical Services

To schedule a consultation with one of our general surgeons, please contact call us today at us at 401-284-1212

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Choosing the right surgeon and the right hospital for your surgery is an important decision. We know your primary concerns are quality and safety—and they’re our top priorities. South County Hospital is a High Reliability Organization, which means we put you first. High Reliability Organizations make safety their number one priority.

High Reliability means getting things right each and every time by:

  • Building and sustaining a culture that places safety above any other competing priorities
  • Preventing failure – in processes, policies, technology and people
  • Reducing the probability that errors will occur with a focus on attention to detail, clear communications and questioning attitudes.

We are pleased that you have chosen South County Hospital for your upcoming surgical procedure and we are dedicated to providing you with the best possible care.