A guide for South County Health's future

Published 01/13/2020

Over the past several months, groups of South County Health’s employees, trustees, medical staff, leadership, and the community have worked collectively to devise a “Next Century” strategic plan to guide South County Health into the future.

The plan includes revised Mission, Vision, and Values statements that are reflections of our collective input on who South County is (Mission), our future aspirations as a health system (Vision), and our commitments on how we intend to do our work (Values).

The new Mission, Vision, and Values were recently approved by our Board of Trustees.

“Most trusted health partner”
A mission is meant to reflect who we are and our purpose as a health organization. Stakeholders interviewed as part of this process felt strongly that we have developed an unparalleled trust from the communities we serve. This sacred trust reflects the essence of who we have been in our first 100 years. It further reflects who we intend to be with our ongoing commitment to be regional and national leaders in quality, service, and innovation. As our communities increasingly understand our unique results in these areas, that trust will only increase and sustain our place as a critical health organization for all of Southern New England. We believe this new Mission statement succinctly and memorably captures this.

“A model health system – advancing high value health and wellness for our communities by delivering unparalleled quality, service, and innovation”
Our vision speaks to who we want to become as a health system. The input we received focused on transforming South County Health through better data and analytics, the delivery of high quality care at a better cost, and a pivot to value-based/population health and wellness. Our focus on transformational efficiency efforts will support our newly adopted value of Stewardship, will support our ongoing investments in our system, and will allow us to make progress on more affordable care for those we serve.

“Integrity, Caring, Respect, Excellence, Partnership, Stewardship”
Values address how we will conduct ourselves, the standards and principles to which we will all be held. The majority of our values were felt to be accurate and important reflections of how we do our work, with one modification and one addition.

First, Collaboration has been a distinctive value at South County Health. We consistently work with one another in support of our mission and community. However, Partnership was felt to be a stronger statement with respect to how we will work to remain a ‘High Performing Independent Health System.’ We will continue to partner with each other, our communities, our medical staff and physician groups. However, we will also pursue partnerships with both traditional and non-traditional health entities (that don’t change local control), technology companies, or any organization that can serve as a catalyst to sustaining our mission or achieving our vision.

Second, we have added Stewardship as a key value that will help us achieve sustainability and affordability as an organization. As we have discussed in our Town Halls, though we should be proud of the growth we have experienced as an organization, our financial performance has declined as our expenses have grown faster than our revenues. We must (as many others in healthcare have already done) find ways to work more efficiently as we continue to grow. Stewardship is mission work and simply stated – No Margin, No Mission.

“I believe these Next Century statements strongly reflect our 100-year history and will provide us with a foundation for the future,” said Aaron Robinson, President/CEO.