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Jil Fagre is the Creme de la Creme for breastfeeding moms

Published 03/28/2019

Dale Monnier and Jil FagreFor new moms who either had their babies at South County Hospital, or use the newborn care services offered here, Jil Fagre is a familiar, friendly face who offers everything she can to help new mothers feel comfortable and confident with the natural process of breastfeeding.

On Monday, March 25, the Rhode Island Breastfeeding Coalition honored Jil with the Crème de la Crème award, an annual recognition given to those who have shown a true dedication, demonstrating outstanding commitment and service to supporting and promoting breastfeeding in Rhode Island.

According to Dale Monnier, MS, RNC-OB, Jil demonstrates her commitment to new moms and babies on a daily basis. Dale, along with Aimee Quigley RN, BSN, colleagues in the South County Health Center for Women’s Health, nominated Jil for the award.

“If a mom does not have the support she needs at the right time, breastfeeding can deteriorate rapidly,” Dale said. “Jil understands this and will make herself available to moms at any time they are in need, just so they will not suffer derailment. She puts their needs before hers again and again.”

In addition to helping new moms, Jil also helps staff in the Center for Women’s Health.

“She works diligently to help staff in the Women and Newborn Care Unit expand their knowledge and skills to successfully advocate for and assist new mothers learning to feed their newborns,” Aimee said. “When staff work nonstop with a struggling patient and feel overwhelmed, Jil is there ready to assist. She stays late to help moms and babies and will deprive herself of personal time to support mothers if they are in crisis. No matter the time,” Aimee said.

After her normal workday has ended, Jil facilitates new moms’ groups twice a week, 52 weeks a year, with more than 20 moms and babies attending, at times, as part of South County Health’s Childbirth Education Classes & Programs.

According to her colleagues, Jil has touched the lives of so many families in South County that if the community was the one to answer why Jil deserves this recognition, they would all simply build a giant monument in the center of South County to honor everything she has done for these families.

Baby Friendly Hospital
South County Hospital was the first hospital in the state to receive the Baby-Friendly designation. This recognition was earned through a comprehensive, detailed and thorough journey toward excellence in providing evidence-based, maternity care with the goal of achieving optimal infant feeding outcomes and mother/baby bonding.

For more information, please visit the South County Health Center for Women’s Health webpage.
Jil, with Women and Newborn Care Unit Team