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Local resident brought back on his feet with South County Health

Published 01/12/2017

“I wouldn’t be living here at this point if it was not for her.” 

That’s Paul Wilms, a 65 year old resident of Hope Valley and patient of Marie Padilla of the Community Health Team (CHT) at South County Health. Paul has been a patient with the CHT for three years. He had been down and out when it came to his health. After having issues getting appointments, being dropped from health insurance more than 10 times, and suffering from two strokes, Paul was ready to give up; until he started working with the CHT and Marie.

"Marie has helped me sort through all of the paperwork and politics in insurance which has been very helpful,” said Paul. With the help of the CHT, Paul was able to get into his own apartment and receive resources to help him acquire food, ensure his prescriptions were refilled on time, and work through his own health symptoms.

Paul Wilms hands his donation to South County Community Health Team nurse, Marie Padilla.

A grateful patient, Paul wanted to help others facing similar hardship, donating $100 to the CHT. “I suspect a lot of people are shutting down and giving up out there. I hope they get to use this opportunity locally with South County Hospital.”“This team was receptive enough to when I should and shouldn’t do things for myself or when I would need advice and counsel. They weren’t trying to control everything. They encouraged me to be more productive and self-aware and solve problems for myself,” said Paul. “That doesn’t seem to happen with many other providers.”

For more information on how you can donate and support South County Health, visit Giving or call 401 788-1492.

About the Community Health Team
The Blackstone Valley and South County Community Health Teams (CHT) began in 2014 as pilot programs. They are two small teams that work directly with patients and families, as extensions of primary care medical teams providing in home, community and office engagement. The CHTs work with patients to identify barriers to health living, provide linkage to community resource and develop plans to address long term health needs. The CHTs are based out of local entities: Blackstone Valley Community Health Care in the North and South County Health in the South. The teams are offered as part of the continuum of care for patients with complex health care needs.