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Marcia Bourque-Moreno Receives Excellence in Nursing Award

Published 12/12/2023
South County Health Advanced Practice Provider Marcia Bourque-Morena, ARNP, CRNA Receives 2023 Excellence in Nursing Award
Photo by Myke Yeager

South County Health’s Marcia Bourque-Moreno, ARNP, CRNA Receives 2023 Excellence in Nursing Award

Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist Marcia Bourque-Moreno, ARNP, CRNA was named among the 2023 Excellence in Nursing Award winners by Rhode Island Monthly earlier this year. This year also marks a fifty-year career in nursing for Bourque-Moreno, who has been with South County Health since 2018.

The Excellence in Nursing Awards are a partnership between Rhode Island Monthly and the Rhode Island State Nurses Association, which accepted nominations for the best in the field from fourteen categories of nurses. Bourque-Moreno represents the role of Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist.

Bourque-Moreno says “I became a nurse in 1973 and there weren’t a lot of options for women in careers: nurse, secretary, teacher. I’ve never regretted being a nurse or CRNA. It’s enjoyable and keeps me sharp. Every patient is interesting: I really get into my patients. When I meet my patient, if there’s any bit of time, I always chat and get to know them. How many kids or grandkids do they have? Every patient is special. At South County Health, being a CRNA. It’s what I was chosen to do, there’s no doubt in my mind. I don’t want to retire. I love what I do.”

Anitra Galmore, Vice President, Chief Operations Officer/Chief Nursing Officer, praised Bourque-Moreno, saying “As nurses we pride ourselves in providing compassionate care by making purposeful connections. It is an honor that I get to share the recognition of your service as stated by our patients and the community. Marcia, South County Health is grateful for your passion, clinical expertise, and commitment to exceptional clinical care.”

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