Q&A – Matthew Jones, MD, general surgeon

Published 03/11/2018

The strength of experience, the vision to improve patient experience.

General surgeon Matthew Jones, MD, joined South County Surgery in 2011. The board certified physician began practicing medicine in 1998 after graduating from Eastern Virginia Medical School in Norfolk, VA, and completing a residency in general surgery at Berkshire Medical Center in Pittsfield, MA. Over the course of his career, Dr. Jones has established a reputation of thoroughness and compassion for his patients, becoming highly sought after by new and former patients who value his consults and second opinions.

After a 13-year career as a physician, what motivated you to join the medical staff at South County Health?

I decided to move to South County to work at South County Health back in 2011. South County Health is highly respected in the community and throughout the state of Rhode Island. I was excited to work for such a reputable healthcare system. My family and I also enjoy sailing as much as possible during the summertime and we really looked forward to being part of this sailing community.

How does the interdisciplinary model of care used at South County Health impact your interactions with patients?

The interdisciplinary model allows me to have the assistance from, and knowledge of, many other medical specialties close at hand. When necessary, colleagues in other specialties can provide consultation quickly, allowing me to provide better care to my patients, and in a more timely fashion.  I also enjoy the expertise and camaraderie of my fellow physicians.

How have patient outcomes improved from the time you began practicing medicine until now?

There have been several improvements to patient outcomes including less pain for the patients, shorter hospital stays, and minimal incision length at the surgical site. These improvements are the result of technology, including doing many open type of surgical procedures laparoscopically; and instituting protocols that can dramatically decrease complications, such as giving patients antibiotics before surgery, removing Foley catheter in a timely fashion, getting patients ambulating sooner, and other initiatives that improve patient care.

What changes and/or improvements in surgical capabilities do you see on the horizon?

One of the improvements or changes we see includes initiating a new protocol for bowel surgery patients that will help them to start eating sooner after surgery. This will allow them to spend less time in the hospital and get home earlier. We are currently in the process of initiating this new protocol and hopefully within the next few months we will see our patients enjoying the benefits. We are also considering the purchase of a daVinci robot. This device would allow us to do advanced abdominal surgeries here at South County Hospital. I look forward to the opportunity to use robotic technology in general surgery.

What do you consider to be your areas of expertise in surgical procedures?

As a general surgeon I do a wide variety of surgeries from removing skin cancers, breast cancer, colon cancer and even hernia surgeries. I enjoy immensely doing abdominal surgery, including bowel resections for colon cancer, laparoscopic gallbladder removals, and hernia repair.

What do you do to relieve the stress that is inherent as a surgeon?

One of the most important ways to relieve stress as a surgeon is to make sure that your patients have excellent outcomes and positive experiences. Nothing is more satisfying then seeing a patient who is happy with the care that I, and the staff South County Hospital, provided.

What are your interests outside of your profession?

In the summertime I try to spend as much of my free time as possible sailing and racing on Narragansett Bay and in the surrounding areas. There is no better place on the East Coast for racing than Narragansett Bay. I also spend a lot of time mountain biking. I find it very relaxing to be out in the woods biking the rough terrain found in Rhode Island.

Matthew Jones, MD, is part of South County Surgery. His primary office is located in the Medical Office Building of South County Hospital, 70 Kenyon Ave., Suite 325, Wakefield, RI. Dr. Jones also sees patients at the South County Health Medical & Wellness Center in East Greenwich, 3461 South County Trail (Rt. 2), Suite 201. He can be reach for more information or to schedule an appointment at either location by calling 401-284-1212.