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Two nurses receive DAISY Award for exceptional care

Published 05/07/2021

In recognition of South County Health’s exceptional nurses, two nominees were selected as recipients of the DAISY Award for their outstanding care and compassion to their patients – Paige Damle, RN and Kathleen Hemphill, RN.

Patients, families, and colleagues are encouraged to nominate a nurse who they feel exhibits the characteristics of exceptional care. The DAISY Award guidelines include:

  • Consistently calm, focused, communicative, and comforting
  • Knows that the little things can make a big difference
  • Not only listens with their ears but with their hearts
  • Provides excellent nursing care and advocates not only for the physical needs but also for the emotional and psychological needs of their patients
  • Treats each patient as a unique and valuable human being
  • Knows that taking the time for compassionate communication can help a family member make a good decision for their loved one

Paige Damle, RN
Express Care – Westerly

“… amazed that the RN in Express Care would have known right away that she needed an EKG.”

Paige Damie, RNPaige was nominated for the DAISY Award by a patient who received potentially lifesaving care because of Paige’s thoroughness and compassionate care.

A patient who thought she was having flu symptoms arrived at Express Care for treatment. Paige looked at the patient’s condition and suspected something more. She immediately performed an EKG, blood glucose, and started a PIV.

The EKG returned an abnormal reading, indicative of a heart attack. Paige called for a rescue to transport the patient to the nearest hospital where she was admitted for treatment of onset cardiomyopathy – a disease that effects the heart muscle.

The patient, also a nurse, said she was amazed that the RN in Express Care would have known right away that she needed an EKG.

After her experience, and once in Dr. David Bader’s care at South County Cardiology, the patient could not say enough nice things about Paige. She said Paige was “efficient, professional, compassionate, patient, and her care throughout her short stay in EC was exceptional.”

The patient said she just could not get over how wonderful her experience was, and she wanted to ensure we knew what an exceptional job Paige and the rest of the Express Care staff are doing.


Kathleen Hemphill, RN
Infusion, Cancer Center

“An incredible nurse who made a huge impact on my mother’s life.”

Kathleen Hemphill, RNKathleen’s nomination came from a family whose mother was diagnosed with cancer and received treatment at South County Hospital’s Infusion Center.

“During my mom’s long battle with cancer, one nurse stood out. Through every tough IV day or long grueling treatment, Kathleen was there.

Kathleen spent so much time getting to know both of my parents on a personal level. She was an endless supplier of warm blankets, kind, encouraging words, and positive energy. In my mom’s eyes, she could do no wrong.

My dad and I will forever by grateful to Kathleen for everything she did for my mom. Even in the end, when the goal changed from cure to comfort, she was there at mom’s bedside. Kathleen is an incredible nurse who made a huge impact on my mother’s life.”

The DAISY Tradition

As part of the DAISY tradition, each nurse received a bouquet of daisies, as well as a hand-carved statuette called “The Healer’s Touch” – a symbol of the relationship among nurses, patients, and families. In addition, each nurse was given cinnamon buns to be shared and enjoyed with their colleagues.

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