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South County Home Health Speech Therapy

You or a loved one may suffer a stroke, brain injury or other illness that affects the muscles that control swallowing and/or help you form words. Speech therapy involves much more than relearning or improving your ability to form words, and it can help people of all ages. It can also help you:

  • Understand and process what is being said.

  • Find other ways to communicate after a stroke, including making gestures or facial expressions.

  • Read, write, perform calculations, and remember things.

  • Use strategies to cope when communication is difficult or problematic.

South County Home Health has speech therapists who are certified Vital Stim Therapists. They will work with you to develop a program that can help strengthen the muscles of the mouth, neck, and face to alleviate problems such as choking and coughing, while improving the ability to speak clearly, chew, and swallow.

Tell your doctor you want South County Home Health Rehabilitation Programs. For more information call South County Home Health at 401 782-0500.

Rehabilitation for those with Parkinson's Disease and Neural Conditions

South County Home Health offers both physical/occupational therapy (LSVT BIG) and speech therapy (LSVT LOUD) programs for individuals with Parkinson's Disease or other neural conditions. South County Home Health staff are certified professionals in the LSVT BIG and LOUD programs. Learn more.