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South County Home Health Wound Care

Comprehensive treatments, advanced technologies and therapies.

Each year, thousands of patients are discharged from the hospital with slow-healing surgical wounds. Others suffering from chronic conditions, like diabetes, often have wounds or open sores that don't heal easily. To prevent infections and other serious complications once a patient has left the hospital, getting proper wound care at home is critical.

At South County Home Health, we aim to provide the highest level of wound care for our patients. A certified wound care nurse will work closely with you and your home health care nursing team to establish a treatment plan that's right for you.

While specific treatments vary by patient, our certified wound care nurses can provide the following wound-care services:

  • Basic Wound Care: cleaning wounds and changing wound dressings and administering antibiotic therapy (if prescribed).

  • Self-Care Training: education for patients and caregivers on how to change wound dressings, monitor healing, manage pain and recognize potential complications.

  • Cutting-Edge Treatment: state-of-the-art therapies, such as:
  1. In-home Vacuum Assisted Closure (VAC), which employs suction technology to stimulate tissue growth and heal wounds faster
  2. Unna Boot, a special gauge bandage used to treat venous stasis ulcers

For Diabetic Patients...

Controlling your diabetes directly affects your wound healing. Your nurse can assist you with managing your diabetes. A nutritionist is also available for diabetic education.