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Robot-assisted technology: SCH's most advanced tool in surgery

Published 06/08/2018

daVinci Xi surgical systemIf the greatest tools a surgeon has is his or her hands, then the daVinci robot-assisted system recently introduced at South County Hospital may be the greatest tool a surgeon has on hand.

The daVinci robot, a device controlled by the surgeon, essentially gives the surgeon four more “hands” that provide pinpoint accuracy in performing delicate surgeries. The daVinci Xi Surgical System has a 3D high definition vision system, specialized instruments, and computer software that allows the surgeon to operate with enhanced vision, precision, dexterity, and control.

Dr. Joseph Renzulli, chief of urology at South County Health, and associate professor of urology at Yale School of Medicine, has performed over 1,000 surgeries using the daVinci system. He finds that the technology is a benefit to the patients he treats at South County Hospital.

“Minimally invasive surgical techniques, such as laparoscopic surgery using daVinci, allows patients to have surgeries through smaller incisions with quicker recovery, less pain, and faster return to their normal activities,” Dr. Renzulli said.

Although Dr. Renzulli treats all urologic conditions, he specializes in cancer of the kidneys, bladder, testicles, prostate, and other organs within the urinary tract. He is highly regarded in the medical community, having an extensive background that includes research, published articles, abstracts, and clinical trials related to prostate cancer.

“Prostate cancer is the number one malignancy in males and the number two cause of cancer-related deaths in men,” he said.

When not used for urologic surgery, the daVinci Xi system will be used to perform some of the general surgical procedures at South County Hospital. Dr. Joseph Brady, who practices with South County Surgery, was the first surgeon in Rhode Island to perform a gallbladder removal using robotics.

Dr. Brady’s expertise with the daVinci robot helps to improve patient outcomes with laparoscopic operations for such procedures as gallbladder removal, hernia repair, appendectomy, and other procedures.

“I find that the daVinci system used at South County Hospital is invaluable when performing pelvic surgery, particularly minimally invasive colon resections and hernia repair,” Dr. Brady said. “While this can be done with traditional laparoscopic techniques, the suture closure of a hernia repair is quite difficult, but made easier with the daVinci robot.”

Robotic-assisted technology is not new to South County Hospital. Mako robotic arm-assisted technology helped South County Hospital become a global leader for orthopedic hip and knee procedures. With the addition of the daVinci Xi robot-assisted technology for urology and general surgeries, as well as South County Health’s Drs. Renzulli and Brady, experts in using this technology for their surgical specialties, South County Hospital continues to bring the most advanced medical capabilities to Washington County, where residents have access to the high-quality medical care they need, close to home.

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