SCH increases CT scan capabilities with Champlin Foundation grant

Published 05/14/2018

The $300,000 award is the largest gift ever awarded to SCH by the Foundation

The diagnostic imaging capabilities at South County Health increased significantly in recent months with the addition of a 64-slice CT scanner. The purchase of the machine, priced at over $600,000 was made possible by the Champlin Foundation that awarded a $300,000 grant to help fund the equipment. This is the largest grant ever awarded to South County Health by the Champlin Foundation. In total, the Foundation has provided $3.2 million in funding that has improved patient care in a variety of ways.

The cross-sectional images produced by computed tomography (CT) scans are a critical component in the diagnosis of cancer, cardiovascular disease, infectious disease, appendicitis, trauma, and musculoskeletal disorders. The 64-slice scanner will be the primary CT technology used to care for patients at South County Hospital, replacing the 4-slice scan previously in service.

The new CT scanner will provide faster scan times and decrease the amount of radiation exposure to patients.

The South County Health Fund Development department plays a key role in securing funds through donations and grants, whether from organizations such as the Champlin Foundation or from individual donors. These funds are vitally important not only to the financial strength of South County Health, but for the ability of SCH to improve patient care.

The Champlin Foundation has been a tremendous benefactor to South County Health, awarding 24 grants over the years that helped make improvements in patient care. As a result, South County Hospital has earned accolades and a reputation for providing high quality medical care and an exceptional patient experience. South County Health is privileged to be among those who help the Foundation sustain its vision of “helping those who do good do more.”