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Sweet Dreams ... Dr. Graff featured in SO Rhode Island

Published 12/30/2021

SO Rhode Island, a monthly publication that highlights some of the state’s notable people, places, and things, looked to Jason Graff, MD, South County Health’s Pulmonary and Sleep Medicine specialist to gather information about sleep, and why getting enough of it is so important.

In the January 2022 issue, author Karen Greco called on Dr. Graff’s expertise for her article: ‘Sweet Dreams are Made of Zzzs’.

“Sleep is important for our immune system; it’s important for our health; it is important for our mood,” Dr. Graff was quoted in the article.

The article raises the issue that a majority of people do not get the recommended amount of sleep needed for good health.

As Dr. Graff explained, “Chronic sleep deprivation can result in symptoms that resemble depression, and it can worsen depression or anxiety if you already have those concerns. So you want to really make your sleep a priority.”

Greco’s article explores the physical benefits of sleep, as well as the obstacles that prevent people from getting sufficient sleep:

• Medical issues – sleep apnea, restless leg syndrome
• Caffeine
• Alcohol
• Sleeping pills
• Blue-wave light from electronic devices
• Stress

For those who are worried that they may be among those who don’t get enough sleep, Greco also asked Dr. Graff what can be done to undo the damage and restore your quality of life.

“On studies of brain imaging, you can see areas of low-oxygen damage improve when patients are treated,” Dr. Graff told her.

South County Health Pulmonology & Sleep Medicine
Dr. Jason Graff is a physician at South County Health Pulmonology where he and Patricia Russo-Magno, MD provide expert care for patients who suffer with common respiratory conditions and more complex respiratory diseases.

In addition, Dr. Graff is South County Health’s Medical Director of Sleep Medicine, overseeing patient care at South County Hospital’s Sleep Medicine Lab and At-Home Sleep Studies.

South County Health Pulmonology has offices in:

  • East Greenwich
  • Narragansett
  • Newport
  • Warwick
  • Westerly

To schedule an appointment at any location, call 401-788-2110

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