Two nurses receive DAISY Award for outstanding care

Published 11/16/2020

Two South County Health nurses, Annette Haman and Melody Lavoie, were recently recognized for providing exceptional patient care. Both nurses were nominated for the DAISY Award by patients they cared for who were moved by the professionalism, thoughtfulness, and personal care they showed.

Haman, an Emergency Department nurse, and Lavoie, who works in the Medical/Surgical Unit at South County Hospital, were joined by hospital administrators, colleagues, and others – most of whom joined via Zoom due to COVID-19 social distancing practices – for the presentation.

“South County Health has been blessed by its outstanding team of nurses, and today we recognize two whose extraordinary, compassionate care deserves recognition,” said Anitra Galmore, Vice President, Chief Nursing Officer, Chief Operations Officer, who presented the awards.

Annette HamanAnnette Haman

Annette’s nomination was submitted by a patient who received care on more than one occasion, saying:

“Annette has consistently provided caring, empathetic, and energetic care. I’ve met her at least twice in the department and she is always honest about how processes work and the time it may take for the care received. Annette is a valuable asset to the ER and definitely deserves recognition for her personable and professional personality.”

Melody Lavoie

Melody LavoieMelody was nominated by a patient who underwent surgery and received care while recovering in the Medical/Surgical Unit.

“If any person should be in the field of Nursing, it is Melody. Every time I was her patient, I was treated as if I was the only patient she had - always professionally focused, compassionate and caring.

During conversations with me, I always felt Melody was listening to what I was saying in order to better know who I was and how being there affected me in order to give the best care possible. “

Among those who participated via Zoom was Bonnie Barnes, one of the founders of the DAISY Foundation. Bonnie and her husband Mark were the parents of Patrick Barnes. At 33 years of age, Patrick’s life was cut short by a disease that affected his immune system. The extraordinary care that Patrick received during his final hospital stay inspired the Barnes family to establish the DAISY Foundation and Award as a way to celebrate nurses who have a profound impact on the patients in their care.

Galmore recognized the nurses for their contribution to the vocation.

“For 18 consecutive years, the Gallup Poll has ranked nursing as the number one profession for its honesty and ethics,” she said. “It brings me joy to see our nurses exemplify the honesty and ethics that makes nursing the most trusted profession. Their selflessness, expertise, and compassion that moved patients to nominate them for the DAISY Award illustrates the quality of their work.”

As part of the DAISY tradition, each nurse received a hand-carved statuette called “The Healer’s Touch” – a symbol of the relationship among nurses, patients, and families. In addition, each nurse was given cinnamon buns to be shared and enjoyed with their colleagues.

The pastry is to recognize Patrick, who, during his hospital stay, continued to enjoy cinnamon buns and made it a point to share them with the nurses around him.

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Pictured above: (l-r) Anitra Galmore, Annette Haman, and Aaron Robinson, President/CEO

Pictured above: Melody Lavoie is joined by colleagues, family, and friends via Zoom.