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Wellness is part of our culture

Published 07/30/2019

South County Health was recognized with the Worksite Health Exemplary Award from Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island (BCBSRI) and the Greater Providence Chamber of Commerce. The award is given annually to those organizations that offer effective programs encouraging employee health and well-being in a meaningful way.

Maggie Thomas, Assistant Vice President/Chief Human Resources Officer, said that encouraging employees to maintain or improve a healthy lifestyle is part of the culture at South County Health.
“South County Health continues to ensure the health of our employees so they can provide the highest quality care possible to our patients,” Maggie said. “Wellness is part of our culture.”

South County Health was one of approximately 60 Rhode Island businesses honored with a Worksite Health Award. The event celebrated local businesses that have demonstrated a commitment to improving Rhode Islanders’ overall health through innovative wellness programs.

South County Health participated in 48 of the 50 criteria elements used by BCBSRI and the Chamber to rate Worksite Health. Among the criteria is a Health Awareness section to gauge how well employers communicate wellness programs; Intervention opportunities for employees to receive biometrics screening and other preventative measures; Education and Behavior Change, including programs to teach employees methods to stop smoking, maintain a healthy weight and activity level, de-stress, and improve financial wellness.

Organizational health initiatives include ergonomics, injury prevention programs, behavioral health services and Schwartz Center Rounds.
It was noted that 100 percent of South County Health’s employees participated in receiving flu shots.

“As a not-for-profit committed to the health of all Rhode Islanders, we’re delighted to continue our partnership with the Greater Providence Chamber of Commerce as presenting sponsor of the 25th annual Worksite Health Awards,” said Melissa Cummings, executive vice president and chief customer officer of BCBSRI. “This event includes the opportunity to learn from each other’s successes and this year we have launched a new opportunity to highlight wellness achievers, companies that have taken unique, innovative and creative approaches to prioritizing wellness and helping employees achieve and maintain their health goals.”

Laurie White, president of the Greater Providence Chamber of Commerce, echoed that sentiment.

“By increasing morale and production, and decreasing healthcare costs and sick leave, worksite health programs are a win for all involved. We applaud South County Health for making the commitment to invest in the wellness of their team and for inspiring more Rhode Island businesses to find creative ways to help their employees live better, healthier and happier lives. We encourage other companies to follow their lead,” she said.

South County Health has won the Worksite Wellness Exemplary Award in 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019.

Pictured left to right are: Cindy Buxton, Rachael Musch, Nadine McCauley, David Gauvin, Maggie Thomas, Colleen Zanarini, and Beth Keene.