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Download the SCH Now app!


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Using eVisit, patients navigate through a series of online questions where they select the best responses to describe their non-life-threatening medical condition. Patients can also upload a photo to assist the provider in diagnosis.

The information is reviewed by one of our Express Care providers who will respond within 90 minutes with:

  • advice for care
  • a prescription
  • a referral to a specialist, or ask additional questions

Patients will receive a text notifying them that the provider has responded to their eVisit so they can view instructions and/or fill their prescription within the secure portal.

Cost to patient - typically an out-of-pocket expense of $39

Get in Line

On your way to Express Care or the Emergency Department?

Get in Line from the comfort of your living room and have your drive time count toward your wait time.

Get in, get out, get better.

   Video Visit

Video Visits offer face-to-face real time conversations with South County Health’s Express Care providers for non-life-threatening injuries or illness.

Video visits usually last 15 minutes and offer a convenient way to receive care from home or work.

Cost to patient
Video Visits are typically covered by medical insurance, and usually cost the same as a specialist office visit. To confirm benefits details, please contact your insurance plan provider.

Self-pay patients: $75

Please note:
Video Visits and eVisits do not entirely replace in-person provider appointments, but are a key component of a comprehensive and progressive platform for today’s healthcare consumer.

Save Your Spot

Planning to visit Express Care or the Emergency Department after work or school?

Save your spot later in the day or the following day. We’ll know you’re coming and hold a place for you at your location of choice.


Patient Self Scheduling

As part of South County Health's innovative technologies to improve healthcare and the patient experience, we have integrated a DIY scheduling platform into our secure Patient Portal that allows you to select a day and time that you want to see many of our providers.

This option will allow patients to have better control over scheduling their appointments!

We are happy to offer easy access to a full continuum of services to meet your healthcare needs.

Virtual options should never be used if you are experiencing symptoms of stroke, chest pain, or other urgent or emergent conditions.

If you need immediate medical attention, always call 9-1-1.