Joint Replacement Class

We are honored that you have chosen to have your orthopedic care at South County Health. Before your upcoming knee or hip procedure, you need to complete the Joint Replacement Class, either in-person or online. This class will provide you with helpful information in the days before, during, and after your surgery. We want you to be an informed participant in your healthcare and we encourage you and your family to ask questions.

In-Person Class

As an alternative to the videos, we offer in-person classes for hip and knee replacement patients. These classes are held in the Pre-Admission Testing Department upon request.

If you would like to attend an in-person class, please call 401-788-1735. Leave your name and number on the message line. A member of the Pre-Admission Testing staff will contact you to schedule your in-person Hip or Knee Replacement Education class.

Video Series Class

Thank you for visiting the South County Health Orthopedics Center online Joint Replacement Class. This 30-minute video series consists of 14 videos. Please watch all 14 videos by continuing to pages 2 and 3, then take the quiz below. Completing this quiz indicates that you have received the appropriate pre-operative education. 

For questions regarding your surgery, please refer to your Orthopedic Patient Information Booklet.
NOTE: When viewing videos in full screen mode, please be sure to minimize the screen once completed to return to the Orthopedic Video library shown below where you can select the next topic.

Joint Replacement Class Quiz 

Once you have watched the Joint Replacement Class Video Series, please use the blue button below to access the Joint Replacement Class quiz. This short quiz is simply to ensure you understand the joint replacement process, from preparing your home, to your hospital stay, to your return home. 

After you submit the quiz, your answers will be scored and the correct answers will display. 

Take the Quiz