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Rhode Island’s Health System is on the Brink

All Rhode Island healthcare systems are facing the same challenges: State-regulated reimbursements that are 20% - 30% lower relative to Connecticut and Massachusetts for similar procedures, the resultant is a lack of providers to practice in RI and double digit increases in operating costs driven by rising labor costs to ensure the maintenance of our quality caregivers.  

Please write your representatives and respectfully ask them to:

  1. Eliminate the OHIC-imposed rate cap for hospitals.
  2. Implement an OHIC-imposed floor for commercial payment rates at New England market medians for hospitals.
  3. Create New England market competitive rates of Medicaid reimbursement in Rhode Island.
  4. Develop state-subsidized incentives that keep physicians, nurses, advanced practice providers, and other clinical staff in this state through mechanisms such as loan forgiveness, stay bonuses, licensure reciprocity, and other innovative market-competitive options.

Download Form Letter to send to your representatives

Thank you for your support