South County Hospital is there for each life stage of my family

Published 10/31/2017

"In the past two years, both of my parents have passed away at South County Hospital … surrounded by caregivers who felt like family. They were sympathetic, caring, patient, and kind. They spent time with us. They gave us answers. They made sure that Mom and Dad felt comfortable, safe, and loved. Those experiences will stay with me forever, and they echo the experience our family has always had with this hospital. The care we have received has always been exceptional. South County Hospital is a shining light for us all, and we are grateful that it is our hospital."

Melissa Lavallee, Wakefield

“We have both been involved for many years with South County Hospital and had numerous medical opportunities to use its excellent services.  We believe the Hospital delivers exceptional care to all South County residents, neighbors and friends.  Quality, close-by, compassionate care is the main reason we feel very strongly that we want to continue supporting our community hospital.”

Sue and Ken Kermes