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Meet Our Donors

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, the ongoing development and expansion of services at South County Health is possible. Below are just a handful of many who have contributed financially.

South County Hospital shows each person why he or she is unique

Published 10/31/2017

“Since moving to Narragansett 5-1/2 years ago we have experienced the truly phenomenal aspects of South County Hospital as a community hospital that cares so very much about the needs of everyone coming through its doors. The team effort of the Emergency Department has helped us on several occasions when not just medical talents were...

Seeding the future of cancer care at South County Hospital

Published 10/31/2017

It all comes down to this,” says Irwin Birnbaum, a member of the South County Hospital Board of Trustees. “Community hospitals provide about 85 percent of all cancer care delivered in the United States. Our Community Cancer Center is central to our role as a driver of health care in southern Rhode Island.” The importance of...

Not all angels are in Heaven. Some work at South County Hospital.

Published 10/31/2017

"I’ve been a patient of South County Hospital for almost fifty years now, ever since I first came to Rhode Island to teach at URI. I’ve had many a fish hook – an occupational hazard of my profession! – removed in the Emergency Department. I’ve also been treated for more serious illnesses over the years....

Why join the Flagship Society? Edith Johnston has her reasons.

Published 10/31/2017

In 1967, Edith Johnston left the state of Maine and came to RI where she went on to teach for 33 years.  After retirement, Edith decided that she wanted to spend her time volunteering at South County Hospital.  The first 10 years of her volunteer service she managed the Gift Shop.  “We were open every...

A deep connection between South County Hospital and its community

Published 10/31/2017

This year the Development Office at South County Hospital reports that, to date,  it has broadened our Circle of Care (those who give $1,000 per year or more to the hospital’s Annual Campaign) to include  more than 60 new members.  Over 150 people who are members of our Circle of Care were acknowledged for their...