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Meet Our Donors

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, the ongoing development and expansion of services at South County Health is possible. Below are just a handful of many who have contributed financially.

Keeping South County in good health

Published 10/31/2017

“Virtually  all of our adult lives we have lived in a not-for-profit realm—mostly in education, but also doing what we can to support those institutions that keep South County in good health and good spirits, and add so much to the quality of life in this special corner of the world." Eric Widmer and Meera Viswanathan

State-of-the-art care with compassion

Published 10/31/2017

"There are many components to a vibrant community including a strong hospital, such as SCH which provides state of the art care in a compassionate way to its neighbors.  Both of us have had the privilege and good fortune to work at SCH for more than 25 years, have  had two children born here  and...

South County Hospital is there for each life stage of my family

Published 10/31/2017

"In the past two years, both of my parents have passed away at South County Hospital … surrounded by caregivers who felt like family. They were sympathetic, caring, patient, and kind. They spent time with us. They gave us answers. They made sure that Mom and Dad felt comfortable, safe, and loved. Those experiences will...

A new day in health care

Published 10/31/2017

Birnbaum’s perspective is shaped by five decades of health care experience – including leadership positions at Yale School of Medicine and at New York City’s Montefiore Medical Center – as well as long-term residency in Washington County. He and Arlene first arrived as summer visitors in 1962 and have lived in Charlestown since 1985. “As our...

Capt. Carl I. Hoyer Believes in South County Hospital

Published 10/31/2017

I have visited South County Hospital’s Emergency Department a number of times due to a chronic condition.  Even though other ERs are closer to my home, I feel more comfortable at South County Hospital.  I am usually there overnight and always feel that the care I’m given is outstanding!  The excellent care provided motivated me to...