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Dr. Bradley Performs First Surgery Using the FX V135™ Implant

Published 08/10/2022

Ortho Rhode Island surgeon Michael P. Bradley, MD, MBA, MS completed a reverse shoulder arthroplasty, more commonly known as a reverse shoulder replacement, using the FX V135™ implant, at South County Hospital. The surgery took place in late July and was the first surgery to employ this technology in the United States. The landmark procedure was performed at the Center for Advanced Orthopedic Surgery, a partnership between Ortho Rhode Island and South County Health. The surgery is part of Ortho Rhode Island’s mission to pioneer orthopedic treatments that make care more patient-centered.

“Procedures that preserve bone are becoming a high priority to patients. That’s why I believe the FX V135™ implant is a good option to consider for anyone in need of reverse shoulder replacement,” Dr. Bradley said.

The new FX V135™ shoulder system includes a mini stem humeral component that can be configured for both anatomical and reverse shoulder replacements and offers humeral head components with variable head heights to allow surgeons more flexibility to best match the patients’ anatomy in the anatomic configuration.

In addition to performing a milestone surgery with the FX V135™, Dr. Bradley is a member of the device’s design team. He worked closely with FX Solutions, a global leader in shoulder arthroplasty, to help create an implant that would meet patients’ needs. “The FX V135™ was designed to allow surgeons to tailor our system to the patient—rather than the patient to our system,” said Baptiste Martin, CEO of FX Solutions.

As President and CEO of Ortho Rhode Island, Dr. Bradley is excited about the way orthopedic innovations like the FX V135™ are improving the patient experience. “Ortho Rhode Island’s role in introducing this technology to the U.S. is another example of our commitment to state-of-the-art care that puts patients first. We are proud to lead the way in bringing innovation to orthopedics,” Dr. Bradley said.

Robotic-Assisted Surgery at South County Health

In addition to being an innovator, through a partnership with expert surgeons from Ortho Rhode Island and the opening of the Center for Advanced Orthopedic Surgery at South County Hospital, South County Health is a global leader in robotic-assisted surgery, with more than 17,000 robotic-assisted hip and knee replacement surgeries at South County Hospital. Additionally, South County Hospital uses more robotic technology than all other hospitals in the state including; featuring six (6) minimally invasive robotic surgeons that are da Vinci Xi trained to perform a variety of surgeries including: urological, colorectal, gynecologic, and general surgery. In 2019, South County Hospital’s operating rooms were also the first in the state to utilize ExcelsiusGPS, a navigation-guided, robotic-assisted system for spine surgery.