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South County Health Annual Fund

South County Health's accomplishments are possible because of the consistent support of annual donors like you. Annual Fund gifts to South County Health help strengthen hospital programs, enhance our services and medical technologies, attract the best clinical staff, maintain a healing environment and fund important expansion, renovation and construction projects. Your gift shows you care enough to support South County Health and its programs. Your participation counts! Make a gift to the Annual Fund.


Vanessa's Story

We would like to share a patient story with you that exemplifies our focus on trust and innovation and ask you to be a part
of our success by making a gift in support of South County Health.

Vanessa was a young woman of 22 with a bright future when she was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

Originally from South County, Vanessa lives in Foxboro, Massachusetts, and teaches Kindergarten. Devastated by her diagnosis and determined to beat cancer, Vanessa explored her options – including visits to the most renowned hospitals for cancer treatment in the Greater Boston area – searching for the best quality treatment that would lead to a full recovery.

Her experiences felt cold and depersonalized. Vanessa felt like she was just a number and that her care would get lost in the bureaucracy of the large institutions she visited. Her decision was instantly made when she met the Cancer Care team at South County Hospital. The warmth and concern of our staff gave her hope and confidence that she would be in good hands. She knew that the positive energy she received each time she visited South County Health would help her heal. It was worth it to commute an hour each way for treatment. She made her choice and never looked back.


Your gift, whatever the amount, helps South County Health continue to be a truly exceptional place to receive health care.

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