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Embracing Trust and Triumph: A Journey through TOLAC to VBAC

Published 04/17/2024

Rani and her family.

Rani’s Story

Rani’s South County Health story is one of courage, resilience, and the spirit of collaboration. A mother who wanted to experience a different labor and delivery with her second child, Rani’s path through Trial of Labor after Cesarean (TOLAC) to Vaginal Birth after Cesarean (VBAC) exemplifies the essence of trust, care, determination, and teamwork that makes South County Health Rhode Island’s Most Trusted Health Partner.

In the realm of reproductive health, TOLAC and VBAC stand as pivotal choices for those seeking a vaginal birth after experiencing a cesarean section. In addition to being complex medical decisions requiring expertise and clinical skills to navigate, they are often also deeply personal, entwined with hopes, fears, and dreams for parents and child.

Through the lens of Rani’s experience, we witness the profound impact of the collaborative efforts between South County Health’s dedicated team and the unwavering resolve of the individual. It's a narrative that transcends medical jargon to illuminate the human connection that underpins every aspect of healthcare.

Can you share with us your decision-making process in opting for a Trial of Labor after C-section (TOLAC)? What were some of the factors that influenced your decision?
I chose a TOLAC, and was able to have a successful VBAC, because I believed in myself that I could do it. During my first pregnancy, my baby was in breech, so I had no option other than a cesarean (C-section). But this time, the baby was in a perfect head-down position for TOLAC. I was so determined. One of the reasons I made the choice has to do with the shorter recovery time for vaginal delivery compared to C-section.

How did you find the support and guidance provided by our healthcare team throughout the TOLAC process? Were there specific moments or interactions that stood out to you?
When I asked to attempt a TOLAC, the team at South County Health was supportive. They carefully considered my medical history and told me I was a great candidate for TOLAC since I didn’t have any pregnancy complications. They cleared all my doubts.

I was able to be active throughout the entire pregnancy (handling household chores, taking care of my daughter). Doing exercises like butterfly pose, cat and cow pose, yoga, breathing, and walking helped to make the delivery process easier. Breathing techniques helped me during the labor process.
Dr. Lee [Kaitlin Lee, MD] was great in tracking my progress. Everything happened exactly as she predicted. They were all so kind, especially our delivery nurse, Jill [Jill Ritacco, RN, ASN]. She was the kindest person I have ever met. I feel so grateful to all of them.

In what ways did your experience with TOLAC differ from your previous cesarean section? Were there aspects of TOLAC that you found particularly empowering or meaningful?
For me, the recovery process was so much easier than with a C-section. Also, it was empowering. With the support of my care team, I was able to focus on believing in myself and what I was capable of doing.

At South County Health, we believe in supporting our patients, both through clinical expertise and compassionate care.

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